We make smoothies. We use ethically sourced, wild harvest fruits from Amazônia and press them in our smoothies. Our first product range is based on açaí, a fruit native to the northern Brazilian Amazon. Our smoothies bring the wild flavours, textures and colours of Amazônia to the UK.


We ensure the flavours of our smoothies remain true to Amazônia by using large amounts of the wild harvest ingredients, such as açaí, in our smoothies.

Our first range is based on açaí. We have three flavours in this range; though keep one ear to the ground, as we are developing new smoothies based on other wild harvest fruits from Amazônia. Our smoothies are cold-pressed and use High Pressure Processing (HPP) to stay 100% fresh.


açaí, pineapple, apple, banana, orange


açaí, strawberries, apple, banana, orange


açaí, mango, apple, banana, orange


After years working in Brazil, the co-founders Nick and Ricardo were inspired by how the responsible sale of açaí and other wild harvest fruits can improve the lives of rural communities in the region and keep the Amazon forest standing. So we started Vero.

Our mission is to become the EU’s leading drinks company for Amazonian flavours, using wild harvest and ethically sourced fruits.


We source all our açaí from Amazônia, ensuring the highest quality ingredients and helping to reduce deforestation and social inequality in the region. We are working with our suppliers and communities harvesting açaí to integrate traceability and monitoring into our supply chain.

Forest communities that harvest açaí and other wild fruits don’t need to chop down the rainforest. Instead they harvest the fruits from the standing trees once-per-year. They also earn more money from the sale of açaí than they do from chopping down the trees. This means that açaí is good for the environment and good for forest communities.


Why exactly does this help the Amazon rainforest and its forest communities?
It’s all about incentives. If the farmer receives more money for timber, cattle or agriculture, they’re more likely to chop down the trees and convert the land to a farm or sell timber. If the farmer receives more money for açaí, they’re more likely to leave the trees standing, keep them healthy and harvest the açaí fruits once a year.

What does ‘wild harvest’ mean?
It means the fruits are sustainably harvested by rural forest communities from trees that are growing in the native forest, rather than plantations, with no fertilizers or herbicides used.

Why are you using plastic?
We have been using glass, but in so doing we also had to heat-treat our product, which damages the taste. So we’re switching to cold-press instead. This means we have to use plastic bottles, but the taste is far superior. Our bottles are fully recyclable, and we encourage you to recycle them after use.

What is cold-press and High Pressure Processing (HPP)?
Cold-press means squishing the fruits in to juices and purees at temperatures below 4°C, keeping the products 100% fresh. HPP involves using very high pressures to kill any bacteria and pathogens, ensuring the smoothies are safe to drink.

Is açaí a superfruit?
Maybe. It has a variety of health benefits, but a superfruit is not very well-defined in the scientific literature. So instead we’d prefer to shout about the benefits that are well-defined – such as sustainability.

If everybody buys açaí, wouldn’t that risk damage to the rainforest?
This is unlikely – the region is ten times the size of England and largely unexplored. We are nevertheless working with suppliers to monitor this.


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